Homework...Count down...Wall to Wall clean, Xtra fun day!!!! See whole list below. Remember you are responsible for your letter day. Promotion practice is Wednesday!

Reading- Read for 30 minutes for the 40 Plus Book Challenge.
Writing- none
Math- None
Social Studies - none
Science - none
*Charge your Chromebook

5D ABC Countdown

A=Amazing Eating Frenzy Day

B=Bubble Gum Day

C=Cookie Day

D=Donut Dodgeball Day

E=Electronics Day

F=Fun Friendly Ice cream day


H=Have Extra Recess

I=Ice pop day

J=Joel Embiid Day/Knockout Day

K=Kickball Day

L=Letter to Fourth Grade

M=Movie day

N=Nickname Day

O=Owen is teacher Day

P=Pajama party for everyone whose birthday is in the summer - Bring in a treat if your birthday is in the summer!

Q=Queen Day

R=Root beer float day

S=Stuffy Day

T=Trick Day

U=Unicorn day

V=Visit Former Teacher

W=Wall to Wall cleaning

X=Xtra fun day

Y=Yoga/Yearbook day

Z=Zzzzz last day of school