aaaaaboys.jpgGroups today: R group and E group

TUESDAY: Work on Quia to get ready for the vocabulary quiz on Thursday for about 15 minutes, then get in your Book Club group and read together.

WEDNESDAY: RAZ first for 20 minutes, then you may choose...
Poems, Paragraph of the Week, Book Club or Listen to a Book!

Welcome to Language Arts. Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar!For the first trimester, we are working on the Personal Narrative in Writing.

Below is the FLUENCY HOMEWORK for readers in 5D!

5th Grade Fluency Summaries

If you are assigned fluency homework, please choose one story from the list below to read every night for one minute. Record your times every night. Click on this link for a timer!

Then on Friday you will read it to Mrs. DePaul so she can track your reading fluency progress! Have fun!

4th and 5th Grade Fluency Summaries

5th Grade Fluency Summaries