This is our class math page. Here you will find the math classroom assignments for the day, websites and whether we are going to go into small groups.
Mustard: Please do the assignments in order below: Today we will be watching a video first, then doing the practice pages in our green workbook. Pages 37 and 38 must be finished before going on to the ZEARN part.

To DO:
1.Please watch this video for the first 20 minutes of class, and then complete pages 37 and 38 to do in class. This video is the next step in coordinate plane graphing using decimals.

2. ZEARN up to Lesson 8!
3. In your green workbook, please complete pages 9, 10, 13 and 14
4. Homework is page 41 only!

Mayo: IMPRESS ME: In the green workbook, please complete Pages 17, 18 and 19... Follow all directions please.

Do the TenMarks assignments.

Below is the direct website to finding all of the modules. There are videos and lessons there to review!


Math Support - Grade 5

Parent Information-Eureka


Click the address below to go to our Eureka Website!

Also....Parents if you need to check out how to help your child with their math homework, go to Mrs. Weiss's Wiki! It has tons of help!


Click the address below to go to our TenMarks Website!

Check out some of these awesome websites!



This website includes 2,600 interactive videos and counting to reteach most math concepts. Click on the Khan Acadey link below.
Just search and watch!

Click on the link below to have some fun while mastering your math facts!!!