alien1.jpgGood Morning Scholars!! It is Sci Fiction Reading Day (X-Files Day, and Wall to Wall Cleaning Day, and Yearbook Day! We will also be having our LAST Sandy Run Lesson and we will be testing our THREE LITTLE PIGS houses to see if our Piggies will be safe during our STEM Challenge!

1. Please put anything in your desk or your bin into your schoolbag.

2. We are starting with reading our Sci fi stories. Please make alien protection helmets and whatever else you will need to be immune from alien encounters. No making guns though!

3. Please make sure your piggie houses are done for our STEM Challenge today.

4.Get your sci fi story and practice it in your head with emphasis and excitement so you will be ready to share with your classmates. We will be making our tin foil alien abduction prevention helmets tomorrow.

Love, Mrs. DePaul