Billy Goats' Bridge Engineering Challenge - Can you build the strongest paper bridge using only ONE SHEET of copy paper? Today we will be doing another STEM Challenge. Read over the packet carefully...then either get a partner or do the challenge alone!!! There should be no more than two students in a group for this challenge!

When the time is up, we will test the strength of the bridge by adding one weight at a time!
Good Luck!!! Mrs. D.

Dear Students and Parents,

Here are some tips for studying for science tests...
-Reread the chapter several times (with an adult if necessary.) You can go online and listen to the chapter too!
The user name is udmath5 and the password is ud123456, then choose the science book.
-Thoroughly examine your study guides and review sheets. You will see some of these same questions on the tests.
-Be certain you can recognize a definition for each of the highlighted key vocabulary words in the chapter.
With your parents, plan out which bullets you will complete each night, so that you have a schedule and study plan that works best for you. We are not only learning science concepts, we are learning healthy study habits. Thanks so much.
Mrs. DePaul